Co-Presidents: Teresa Carpenter and Shanna Oberg

Treasurer: Shellie Weatherspoon

Head Coach: Gary Mills

Contact Information: Gary.mills@evergreenps.org


Pink Night

Pink Lemonade Project works to support, educate, and empower those who are impacted by breast cancer in our community. Sadly, each year over 3,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in our region. Through our programs, we reach approximately 400 people a year, meaning there is still much work to be done. The donations and programs are meant to provide relief during a time when nearly every aspect of a person's life becomes secondary to their diagnosis.

Senior Night

During the last home game of the season, we gather together to honor and celebrate our seniors and their families who have selflessly given to the program. It is our way to say thank you for all they have done and celebrate what they will do.

Team Dinners

Dinners and events set-up to create a family experience. Inclusive events for all members of the program to bond, laugh and enjoy each others company.